Times May Change But Values Stay The Same.

The philosophy for providing excellent customer service and reliable products is one that the Ison family has strived to achieve in all of its ventures in business. Their solid reputation for quality products and honest transactions in the manufacturing industry have made Buckeye Metals stand out as a leader in the distribution of flat rolled steel and stamping products.

Buckeye Metals is strategically located in Cleveland, Ohio, yet, our steel processing and just in time processes are not limited to the Cleveland area. We maintain relationships with many state of the art processing facilities. This provides us access to rail, barge, truck or container. We are able to provide solutions to our customers needs in a timely and efficient way. We are known for our long standing steel mill relationships and strong capital structure. While maintaining relationships with domestic mills, Buckeye Metals continues to cultivate relationships with Canadian and foreign mills to provide our customers with the best solution in the ever changing steel market.